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The MeCAF Report, and More

It’s been over a month since This Isn’t Working debuted, and I’ve been pleased with the warm response. In a month I’ve sold almost 200 copies, not bad for a minicomic!

Two weeks ago I headed up to Portland for the Maine Comics Arts Festival. It’s a small, friendly convention that really caters to kids. This Isn’t Working wasn’t a smash hit with this audience, but I had a super fun time! I shared the table with fellow TIW contributor Caitlin Plovnick. Kara Bean and Jen Vaughn were also there, almost the whole gang!

I traveled with cartoonist buddy Jeffrey Lewis. I’m a fan of Jeff’s comics and his music, so it was a treat to “tour” with him. Jeff played a show in an unrented law office. The room was filled adorable, well-adjusted young hipsters. So cute!

Here’s Jeff reciting one of his “low budget movies”.

In other minicomic news, This Isn’t Working‘s sister publication, Make, was named a top mini of 2010! Read all about it on the Make blog.


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